Unique Style Racing

Brightest 2000 Lumen Canbus Error Free Amber LED x2 Headlight or Tail Light Turn Signal Light Bulbs - Size T20 7440


Billable Weight: 0.0 lb

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Product type: Lighting

Manufacturer: Unique Style Racing


• All Turn Signal Light using a Bulb Size T20 Base 7440


• Built Specifically for the Turn Signal Light Function to provide maximum visibility, 2000 Lumen, no one comes close!

• LED reacts much faster than your stock incandescent bulb, small but smart improved safety feature

• x14 Built In High Powered LED Nodes per Bulb to provide maximum output.

• 3 huge SMD LED per 90 degree side, with 4 sides all covered plug 2 of the same huge SMD LED on the top of the bulb to shoot straight out to provide maximum brightness.

• Unlike other brand that requires additional outside wiring resistor that is a hassle to install, splice wire, and ugly looking. USR has the built In CANBUS module inside the bulb to ensure the LED Upgrade provides a True ERROR FREE and NO Hyper Flash!!!


• 2 Piece Set (1 Pair) - Unique Style Racing (USR)


•Brand New - 100% Never Been Used.


• Due to brightness which generates heat, please ensure to NOT utilize bulbs for features OTHER THAN turn signal blinking function.

• If you have purchased aftermarket full LED headlight (Morimoto XB for example) and/or you have upgraded any part of your car's turn signal light to LED, you might run into hyper flash issue when you use our canbus LED turn signal bulbs. Please understand why it would have hyperflash is due to your car will have hyper flash triggered when a minimum power draw is not reached. When you start to change your incandescent light to LED, it starts to use less and less power, so to a point passing the minimum requirement, hyper flash kicks in to warn driver as the car thinks some bulb is out in the system. In those cases, usually adding resistor will cure the hyper flash. In other word, our Canbus LED bulbs will work and function normally if you have stock setting.

Make Model Engine Years
LEXUS RC Series 2 DOOR COUPE 2015-2019