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Unique Style Racing Limited Lifetime Warranty UHP (Ultra High Power) LED Angel Eye Halo RIngs For DEPO or OEM BMW E46 Headlight


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Product type: Lighting

Manufacturer: Unique Style Racing


These LED Angel Eye Halo Rings are designed to fit perfectly on the application stated below, please note you do need to open up the headlight cover to install them inside the headlight. This is generally made to clip-in once you remove the original plastic ring on the DEPO brand Headlight or place in the spots that is able to secure the rings inside OEM brand of Headlight, so basically NO GLUE is required except the 04-06 2D/Cabrio Model. Please note Headlight assembly is NOT included in this kit and they are NOT interchangeable to any other model/year of vehicle, so please purchase the vehicle application carefully.

Models that does NOT need any Glue to put In:
- 2000-2003 BMW E46 2D/Cabrio Stock Projector Headlight
- 2000-2003 BMW E46 2D/Cabrio DEPO Angel Projector Headlight
- 1999-2005 BMW E46 4D/5D Stock Projector Headlight
- 1999-2005 BMW E46 4D/5D DEPO Angel Projector Headlight
- 2001-2006 BMW E46 M3 Stock Projector Headlight
- 2001-2006 BMW E46 M3 DEPO Angel Projector Headlight

These Models below will require opening up the headlights to install (which may require heating the headlights up in a 200 degree oven for 20 minutes on a cookie sheet). And installer will also need to use A+B Epoxy 3-Minutes Glue to secure the rings inside the headlights:
- 2004-2006 BMW E46 Non-M3 2D/Cabrio DEPO Angel Projector Headlight


• USR's UHP (Ultra High Power) LED Angel Eye Halo upgrade kit is simply the best, brightest, most durable and with Limited Lifetime Warranty LED Angel Eye out on the market.

• These rings include hard Anti-UV Protective PVC Clear Casing which protects the High Powered SMD LEDs inside. This is not a universal size and therefore, it is crucial to select the correct year/model/type of headlight.

• For models that are designed for DEPO Brand's Projector Angel Eye Headlights, they are of Plug & Play designed - The clips behind rings simply allow you to remove DEPO's plastic ring cover and clip them right in! When powering the Angel Eye, the white plastic female sockets simply click right into the DEPO's male connector. No gluing, trimming or splicing needed!

• UHP LEDs has 50000mcf brightness - 4 Times Brighter than the easily broken CCFL. Our UHP LEDs are DAYTIME VISIBLE - It is the BRIGHTEST of all other angel eye halo kits on the market.

• Minor drilling is needed for Angel Eye's wirings to go through the back headlights to connect to power which should be re-seal the drilled hole with tiny bit of silicon so no water can get back in.

Optional Remote-On Relay Wiring Harness option available for easier installation!


• Brand NEW - 4 Pieces (Rings) - Made by Unique Style Racing
• Ultra High Powered (UHP) White LED Angel Eye Halo Kit, including LED Resistor Packages.


• Brand New - 100% Never Been Used.


• Please be sure to select correct Year/Model and Type (OEM or DEPO) for proper fitment and usage. Only 2004-2006 E46 2D/Cabrio Model has full circle on the ring shape, the rest would have an opening section on the top of the rings.

What is UHP (Ultra High-Power) LED Angel Eyes?
As many of you know, BMW started the Angel Eyes (Halo), also known as DDE or demon eyes trend in the late 90s, which has now been set as the standard for all new BMWs. Unfortunately, some of the earlier BMW models are not equipped with this beautiful feature or for others that do come with the Factory equipped Angel Eyes, it comes with the standard Angel Eyes which are very dim and are yellowish in color.

So, the solution to improve the Factory Standard look emerged to be CCFL. CCFL stands for Cold Cathode Fluorescent Light and uses very little energy, has a long operation life (given that it is handled properly) and produces a much brighter, amazing light output. CCFL is indeed amazing. However, it also has its downsides; CCFL by nature, needs some "warm-up" time when operating in lower temperatures in order to get to its full brightness. CCFL requires an inverter to light up the rings as well, the inverter sometimes do fail. By then, the CCFL rings do need to be replaced in order for the system/feature to be fully operational again. CCFL is essentially a glass tube - which, like any glass, can be fragile and break if mishandled. So, the CCFL rings are good looking perfect, but it's not perfect.
What is our solution then? The UHP (Ultra High-Power) L.E.D! L.E.D stands for Light Emitting Diode which is currently used in all the latest, high-end, luxury and racing vehicles. Automotive industries were able to research what is already known about the technology and proceeded to develop and improve it substantially within the last 5-10 years! You may wonder why LED products are only offered on the high-end, luxury and racing vehicles? That is because they are the best, that's why!

LED's general characteristics are: fast response time, energy efficiency, ultra long life, durable which are the reasons we use them as well. We don't just use the standard LEDs. We use the latest generation, High-Power LEDS which are 4x brighter than the traditional LEDs. Our UHP LED Angel Eyes are visible in Daylight and even brighter than CCFL. It does not use inverters like the CCFL so no need to worry about inverter failure. The LEDs are not made of glass like the CCFL tube, so not CCFL tubes to break! Even better, LEDs have a substantial faster response time and no cold start-up issues like the CCFL.
In summary, we got rid of all the downsides of the CCFL and give you an even sharper, brighter, longer life, more durable product, the UHP LED Angel Eyes with LIFETIME WARRANTY!

Limited Lifetime Warranty Disclaimer:

The UHP LED Angel Eye System Carries Limited Lifetime Warranty. The Warranty will be void if the UHP LED Angel Eye System shows any sign of physical damage to it. In addition, damage that is caused by improper installation, collision, negligence, misuse, or alteration will also void the warranty. This is an automotive related product, by nature they are subject to have various degree of use and wear. Warranty does not cover normal wear and tear. This warranty is only for new replacement part, not a refund on the product. All return must obtain a pre-approved RMA (Return Merchant Authorization) from the seller prior to returning or the return will be refused. When reporting an issue and/or claiming warranty, buyer are responsible to provide valid purchase information as well as a valid proof of issue with documentations if seller requests it. If a warranty replacement is approved/granted, buyers are responsible for both way shipping plus a $5.00 handling fee, handling fee is to prevent anyone abusing the warranty coverage. The limited lifetime warranty is set to limit the replacement coverage up to eight angel eye rings maximum. This warranty is not transferable, it is only honored to the original purchaser.

Make Model Engine Years
BMW 320i 4 DOOR SEDAN 2001-2005
BMW 323Ci 2 DOOR CONVERTIBLE 2000-2000
BMW 323Ci 2 DOOR COUPE 2000-2000
BMW 323i 4 DOOR SEDAN 1999-2000
BMW 323i 5 DOOR WAGON 2000-2000
BMW 325Ci 2 DOOR CONVERTIBLE 2001-2006
BMW 325Ci 2 DOOR COUPE 2001-2006
BMW 325i 4 DOOR SEDAN 2001-2005
BMW 325i 5 DOOR WAGON 2001-2005
BMW 325xi 4 DOOR SEDAN 2001-2005
BMW 325xi 5 DOOR WAGON 2001-2005
BMW 328Ci 2 DOOR COUPE 2000-2000
BMW 328i 4 DOOR SEDAN 1999-2000
BMW 330Ci 2 DOOR CONVERTIBLE 2001-2006
BMW 330Ci 2 DOOR COUPE 2001-2006
BMW 330i 4 DOOR SEDAN 2001-2005
BMW 330xi 4 DOOR SEDAN 2001-2005
BMW M3 2 DOOR COUPE 2001-2006

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