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2010-2021 Toyota 4Runner All Black-Out Facelift 2014+ Style LED Tail Lights Made by DEPO


Billable Weight: 42.0 lb

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Product type: Lighting

Manufacturer: DEPO


• 2010-2013 Toyota 4Runner (includes the Plug and Play wiring adapters with socket and bulbs)
• 2014-2021 Toyota 4Runner (includes the Plug and Play wiring adapters with socket and bulbs)


• More aggressive "TRD" All Black Housing look, replacing the "Chrome" seen on the Stock 14+ Models.

• Great news For 2010-2013 owners that Wire adapters with sockets and bulbs are includes to allow a True Plug and Play Solution and gives you the Latest 4Runner Look!

• For 2014-2021 owners, always want that Stealth Black "Nightshade Edition" look, this tail light will complete it for you.

• The New Tail Lights not only give you the latest 14+ 4Runner Look but replaces the Inner Outdated Chrome Design with the New Black Interior along with the additional benefit of being Manufacturer Sealed!

• Black Housing / Clear with ABS Plastic Lens.

• Bulb Specification: Parking/Brake: Built In LEDs , 921 Incandescent Reverse Bulb, 7440A Incandescent Amber Turn Signal Bulb.

• DOT/SAE Approved!

USR Signal Activation Modification Module (USAM Module)


An easy to install Module which activates the LED Brake Lights on your 4Runner to function as Turn Signals AS WELL!!

The new modules connectors plug right onto the tail light on one end and the OEM Plug on the other.

Will NOT interfere with your Brake Light nor Signal Function will affect one another therefore

OPTIONAL: When installing the module, your original incandescent bulbs will NO LONGER WORK. If you REPLACE the bulb with a White LED Bulb and complete the tapping shown, the old signal light will now function as an additional Reverse Light!





2010-2013 -
Left Side

8156135360, 81561 35360, 81561-35360
8156135370, 81561 35370, 81561-35370
TO2818147, TO2818148

2010-2013 -
Right Side

8155135360, 81551 35360, 81551-35360
8155135370, 81551 35370, 81551-35370
TO2819147, TO2819148


2014-2020 -
Left Side

8117035570, 81170 35570, 81170-35570
8117035571, 81170 35571, 81170-35571

2014-2020 -
Right Side

8113035540, 81130 35540, 81130-35540
8113035541, 81130 35541, 81130-35541

• Optional USR 7440 2000 Lumen Amber LED Turn Signal Upgrade

• Optional USR 5500k 18 SMD Super Bright White LED License Plate Assembly Upgrade


• 2 Pieces Set (Left + Right) - Made by DEPO (ISO 2001 Certified Company - Excellent Quality!)


•Brand New - 100% Never Been Used.


• If you have purchased aftermarket full LED headlight (Morimoto XB for example) and/or you have upgraded any part of your car's turn signal light to LED, you might run into hyper flash issue when you use our canbus LED turn signal bulbs. Please understand why it would have hyperflash is due to your car will have hyper flash triggered when a minimum power draw is not reached. When you start to change your incandescent light to LED, it starts to use less and less power, so to a point passing the minimum requirement, hyper flash kicks in to warn driver as the car thinks some bulb is out in the system. In those cases, usually adding resistor will cure the hyper flash. In other word, our Canbus LED bulbs will work and function normally if you have stock setting.

• Minor Rewiring needed, Soldering or Tapping needed to complete connection for LED License Plate Light Assembly

Make Model Engine Years
Q: Is this item plug and play?

• Yes, the tail lights are plug and play for those with the 2014-2020 Toyota 4Runner.

Q: What exactly does your module upgrade offer?

• The module upgrade allows your parking light to function as your turn signal. The turn signal function can also be upgraded to act as an additional reverse light so you have dual reverse light functionality.

Q: Are the tail lights full LED?

• No, the Reverse and Signal Lights by default are Halogen based. The Brake and Parking Lights are LED based.

Q: Will the upgrade LEDs give me error messages?

• No, all of the features we offer as upgrades with these tail lights should not result in error codes.

Q: How easy are these tail lights to install?

• Although DIY installation is possible, please message us for any reference materials so we may help provide for you to review to see if this is something you want to attempt or seek a professional installer.

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