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2010-2020 Toyota 4Runner Black 2in1 Projector CREE LED Fog Light Assembly + DRL


Billable Weight: 4.0 lb

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Product type: Lighting

Manufacturer: Unique Style Racing


• 2010-2020 Toyota 4 Runner


• There is a reason why you NEVER see any OEM LED Fog Lights offered by makes such as from BMW or Mercedes simply put a removable LED bulb in and call it a day. True LED Fog lights require all LEDs to be BUILT IN onto their design, resulting in LEDs not removable from the unit. It’s completely sealed to have true waterproof unit and designed to spec to provide high quality LEDs meant to last 15 ~ 20 years. Finally, the Non-LED fog lights are designed to use Halogen bulb which obviously has the housing and beam pattern built around it. By simply putting some random LED bulb onto a Halogen Designed fog light, this does not optimize beam output and does not have the same focal point where the light source is dispersed. It minimizes the beam output and provides a distorted output potentially blinding oncoming traffic resulting in destroying the purpose of the fog light.

True Black Housing design around the built in Projector!

Built in Projector provides an evenly dispersed light out with an improved focused design to ensure maximum visibility!

Utilizing the latest CREE LEDs Technology, protected by a Manufacturer Sealed Design ensuring you get the highest quality, long lasting LED Fog Light!

• 5500K White Color LED Output!

Plug & Play H16 connector provided for direct plug in to factory Fog light wiring harness

Built-in Dual LED Light Bar Daytime Running Light DRL in the fog light for an additional SAFETY Feature that the installer can choose to activate it by tapping it to power. For easier and best connection, you can also choose the Optional DRL Wiring harness that connects to the fuse box Plug and Play to allow the Dual LED Light Bar ON whenever the car is on.


Left Side

8122012230, 81220 12230, 81220-12230

Right Side

8121012230, 81210 12230, 81210-12230


• x2 Pieces Set (Left + Right) - Made by Unique Style Racing Exclusive (ISO 2001 Certified Company - Excellent Quality!)
x1 Tap Splice Wire Harness for optional Dual LED Light Bar Function


• Brand New - 100% Never Been Used.


• Manufacturer includes wiring harness for the Dual LED Light Bar feature that requires installer to use the tap splice to tap it to power source to activate the feature such as parking light or factory DRL. Whenever you tap the power from, the Dual LED Light Bar will turn on with that feature. While if choose the Optional DRL wiring harness, then no tapping is required, Plug and Play solution to achiever that the Dual LED Light Bar will stay on whenever the car is on.
• Fog light feature is Plug and Play for models WITH fog lights from stock!

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