BMW 3 Series E46 / E36 Convertible Aluminum With Rubber Insert Pedals / Footrest Dead Pedal / Handbrake
BMW 3 Series E46 / E36 Convertible Aluminum With Rubber Insert Pedals / Footrest Dead Pedal / Handbrake
BMW 3 Series E46 / E36 Convertible Aluminum With Rubber Insert Pedals / Footrest Dead Pedal / Handbrake

BMW 3 Series E46 / E36 Convertible Aluminum With Rubber Insert Pedals / Footrest Dead Pedal / Handbrake

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Choose your vehicle's Model/Year below (US / Canadian Spec Vehicles ONLY):

This Dead Pedal is slightly curved at top - 12.8 in. (height) x 4.4 in (bottom) x 3.3 in. (top) - Fit For:
- 2010+ BMW F10 / F11 All Models
2004-2009 BMW E60/E61 All Models

This Dead Pedal is slightly curved at bottom - 11 in. (height) x 2.8 in (bottom) x 3.2 in. (top) - Fit For:
- 1992-1999 BMW E36 3 Series Convertible Model only!
- 1999-2006 BMW E46 3 Series All Models
- 2006-2009 BMW E90/E91 3 Series All Models
- 2007-2009 BMW E92/E93 3 Series All Models

This Dead Pedal is straight - 11 in. (height) x 3.35 in. (bottom/top) - Fit For:
- 1984-1991 BMW E30 3 Series All Models
- 1988-1994 BMW E32 7 Series All Models
- 1989-1996 BMW E34 5 Series All Models
- 1992-1999 BMW E36 3 Series All Models except Convertible
- 1996-2002 BMW Z3 All Models
- 2000-2006 BMW E53 X5 All Models


• Please be sure to select the correct Model/Year to ensure Proper Fitment!

• These are Aluminum Constructed with Real Rubber Insert Racing Pedals for BMW Vehicles, Automatic OR Manual transmission models (please choose accordingly).

• Pedals are made for 1/8" Cast Aluminum enhanced with a spectacular gloss finish over a brushed surface. They are specifically made for your vehicle - it is NOT the cheap universal type. They are custom made for your car!

• Features a tough rubber backing, which penetrates through the holes in the aluminum for excellent grip - They are made to last!

• Pedals are Super Quality that have a sporty feel, luxurious look and complements your vehicle's interior!

• Screws & Bolts are all included - no additional parts required. Drilling is required for installation.

Please note that most E38 and E39 have a longer Gas Pedal (24cm) - So, you will need to get the Longer Gas Pedal version. While almost all other BMWs has standard 21cm one.

• Please note that foot rest pedal's size for E36 type is and E46 type is and for some models, it's not going to cover the whole stock dead pedal section.

• Dead Pedal Sizing (3 Different Types - Ensure fitment by MODEL/YEAR).

Optional: M Engraving that is truly astonishing! Real Engraving and not the sticker type.


• 2 Piece Set for Automatic Transmission (Gas and Brake) and 3 Piece Set for Manual Transmission (Gas, Brake and Clutch) while Footrest Dead Pedal is Optional - Made by Unique Style Racing
• By default comes with Plain Non-Engraved Aluminum with Rubber Insert.
• Screws & Bolts are all included - no additional parts required. Drilling is required for installation.


• Brand New - 100% Never Been Used.


• Please be sure to select the correct Model/Year to ensure Proper Fitment!
• Review the size/shape of the dead pedal above.

• These Pedal Kits are only meant for US/CAN-Spec vehicles. We do not ship these Pedals internationally due to possible fitment risks

Make Model Engine Years
BMW 318i 2 DOOR CONVERTIBLE 1992-1998
BMW 320i 4 DOOR SEDAN 2001-2005
BMW 323Ci 2 DOOR COUPE 2000-2000
BMW 323i 2 DOOR CONVERTIBLE 1998-1999
BMW 323i 4 DOOR SEDAN 1999-2000
BMW 323i 5 DOOR WAGON 2000-2000
BMW 325Ci 2 DOOR COUPE 2001-2003
BMW 325i 2 DOOR CONVERTIBLE 1992-1995
BMW 325i 4 DOOR SEDAN 2001-2005
BMW 325i 5 DOOR WAGON 2001-2005
BMW 325xi 4 DOOR SEDAN 2001-2005
BMW 325xi 5 DOOR WAGON 2001-2005
BMW 328Ci 2 DOOR COUPE 2000-2000
BMW 328i 4 DOOR SEDAN 1999-2000
BMW 330Ci 2 DOOR COUPE 2001-2006
BMW 330i 4 DOOR SEDAN 2001-2005
BMW 330xi 4 DOOR SEDAN 2001-2005
BMW M3 2 DOOR COUPE 2001-2006
Install Guide
Halogen vs HID vs LED

Auto lighting

The current Auto lighting industry has three standard bulb technologies integrated for headlight use. The three headlight standards are

1) Halogen, 2) HID, or 3) LED based.

Advantages for LED


There are a few ways to check but the requirement is that you must have stock setup.


“Bi-Xenon” means high and low beam are both genuine xenon HID, but the real (OEM Standard) bi-xenon is that the Low and High Beam uses the same xenon bulb and ballasts in the same projector which that projector has an electric controlled shutter built in (in front of light bulb but behind the glass projector lens).



Auto-Leveling is the new feature that was introduced in the late 90. Auto-Leveling is a feature that incorporates a motor/servo built in a headlight which operates/actuates the headlight's inner adjustment mounts, which moves the Beam output angle up and down (either by car's ECU/OBC automatically or via a Self-Leveling Switch inside the car cabin). This headlight feature is to provide the best lighting angle for the headlight beam output, which helps maximizes the driver's visibility while also doubling to help not blind the oncoming traffic.


Introduced to the high end vehicles around year 2003, the AFS differs from Auto-Leveling that moves up and down, instead moves the headlight beam left / right to help driver see the upcoming curved road better. Rather than the mechanical linkages employed in earlier directional-headlamp systems, AFS relies on electronic sensors, transducers and actuators. Other AFS techniques include special auxiliary optical systems within a vehicle's headlamp housings. These auxiliary systems may be switched on and off as the vehicle and operating conditions call for light or darkness at the angles covered by the beam the auxiliary optics produce.

A typical system measures steering angle and vehicle speed to swivel the headlamps. The most advanced AFS systems use GPS signals to anticipate changes in road curvature, rather than simply reacting to them. To know whether you have AFS system or not, you can see if your headlight beam moving left / right when you change the direction of the steering wheel, but again that is not 100% scientific, so the best way is actually call to any dealer and give them your VIN number and they will be able to let you know if you have stock equipped AFS headlight or not.


DRL stands for Daytime Running Light which originally was developed and used in countries that are more prone to foggy conditions and it is a safety feature which has now become standardized by many car manufacturers. In some countries, it is by law required features (such as Canada). Please note that the DRL feature is not site specific on a vehicle. As long as the supposed “DRL” Light remains on during the day (with the Parking Brake disengaged) and turns off OR becomes dimmer (automatically) when the “Parking Light” Light is engaged, then the supposed light should be your DRL.

There are two main types of Day-time Running Lights Halogen DRL vs. LED DRL. There are other types of DRL, however to keep things simple, we will focus on the two main types. The picture example above shows the different projections between LED and Halogen.

DRL may use your low beam or high beam or others, but it is normally supplied only with 27.5W power versus the original 55W halogen bulbs used in the halogen low beam or halogen high beam. So it might create an issue if you upgrade a genuine xenon HID system to the headlight if the DRL function is using the new xenon HID system. This is because standard xenon HID needs 35W to power it, while DRL is only supplied with 27.5W, it means the system is underpowered. Flickering, error message, not able to fire it up would be the common issue if you have DRL powering the HID system. To solve it, the installer can either disable the DRL feature altogether or do minor re-wiring so the DRL is powering something else other than the new HID light.


Kelvin temperature is commonly mistaken for the heat or brightness output of the HID Bulb. The Kelvin temperature only deals with the "color" output the Bulb emits as each colors covers a certain Kelvin range. The "K" for instance in "8000K" represents the certain bulb color temperature output, and it's the abbreviation for the word Kelvin. Below is a chart showing you the range of the Kelvin temperatures. Lower Kelvin temperature will emit a more red output. The normal halogen lamp color temperature is rated at 3200K.


Car manufactures have recently implemented Sports packages for certain of their chassis by creating a sub-segment that widens their market and to fulfill market demands. Sports packages are commonly associated with performance cars such as Audi, BMW, MBZ, and Lexus. Each car manufacturer have their own Sports package brand.


Most car's production period (chassis life) is around 4 to 6 years. In between each chassis production period the car manufacturer usually will make minor improvements (design-wise and/or engine-wise) after 2 to3 years after its initial chassis introduction. This is to update the car's look and to stimulate market. The first half of the production period (before the manufacturer updates the chassis) is commonly referred as Pre-Facelift, whereas post half of the chassis production period is referred as Facelift.

Life Cycle Impulse (LCI) - BMW term for facelift or update to existing series. Life cycle inventory, part of a Life cycle assessment to stimulate sales. LCI is typically known as "Facelift" for BMW vehicles.


AFS- Adaptive Front-light System
DRL- Day-time Running Lights
ECU- Engine control unit
GPS- Global Positioning System
HID- High Intensity Discharge
K- Kelvin
OBC- On Board Computer
OBD- On-Board Diagnostics
OEM- Original Equipment Manufacturer
PnP- Plug and Play
RMA- Return Merchant Authorization
VIN- Vehicle Identification Number

Customer Reviews

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Danny G.
Exactly as pictured

Feel confident buying from USR! Pedals arrived and were just as described. Good quality, on par with OE. Great value, and quick shipping. If you're on the fence, don't be....go ahead and do it. Im glad I did!

Joel A.
Exactly what I wanted at a great price.

Great deal, looks great.

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