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1992-1999 BMW E36 3 Series Hella Euro Ellipsoid GLASS Lens Projector Headlight Made by DEPO with Optional Daytime Visible UHP LED Angel Eye Halo Rings


Billable Weight: 30.0 lb

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Product type: Lighting

Manufacturer: DEPO


• 1995-1999 BMW E36 318ti 3 Doors Hatchback
• 1992-1999 BMW E36 3 Series Convertible
• 1992-1999 BMW E36 3 Series 2 Door Coupe
• 1992-1998 BMW E36 3 Series 4 Door Sedan


• BMW E36 Hella style EURO spec ellipsoid Glass Lens projector headlights.

• Hella style Ellipsoid headlight with special ridges/nipples on the glass lens

• For 1992-1999 BMW E36 3-series all models including Convertible, 2D Coupe, 4D Sedan, and 3D Hatchback.

• EURO spec headlights come with removable outside cover lens and inside circular lens!

• GLASS lens, unlike the US spec factory plastic lens that turns yellowish over time.

• Upgrade from your old US/Canadian spec headlights that does not have projector to the true Euro spec with PROJECTOR lens, Better Visibility!

• The headlight uses H1/H1 size bulbs for High/Low Beam, bulbs are optional

• 9005/9006 Wire harness adapters for Plug and Play installation for US spec and Canadian spec cars to use these new euro ellipsoid headlights

• E-marked headlights with E-Code Projector lens.

Optional UHP LED (60 SMD LEDs per ring, so x4 Rings Total 240 LEDs) Angel Eye Halo Rings System upgrade and Pre-Installation available! Ultra Bright White, Daytime Visible!


• 2 Piece Set (Left + Right) - Made by DEPO (ISO 2001 Certified Company - Excellent Quality!)


• Brand New - 100% Never Been Used.


• Although DIY is possible, we highly recommend professional installation!

Make Model Engine Years
BMW 318i 2 DOOR CONVERTIBLE 1994-1999
BMW 318i 4 DOOR SEDAN 1992-1998
BMW 318is 2 DOOR COUPE 1992-1999
BMW 318ti 3 DOOR HATCHBACK 1995-1999
BMW 320i 4 DOOR SEDAN 1992-1995
BMW 323i 2 DOOR CONVERTIBLE 1998-1999
BMW 323is 2 DOOR COUPE 1998-1999
BMW 325i 2 DOOR CONVERTIBLE 1992-1995
BMW 325i 4 DOOR SEDAN 1992-1995
BMW 325is 2 DOOR COUPE 1992-1995
BMW 328i 2 DOOR CONVERTIBLE 1996-1999
BMW 328i 4 DOOR SEDAN 1996-1998
BMW 328is 2 DOOR COUPE 1996-1999
BMW M3 2 DOOR COUPE 1994-1999
BMW M3 4 DOOR SEDAN 1997-1998