Unique Style Racing

Brightest 2000 Lumen Canbus Error Free Amber LED x2 Headlight OR Rear Tail Light Turn Signal Light Bulbs - Size PY21W 7507 S25 BAU15S


Billable Weight: 0.0 lb

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Product type: Lighting

Manufacturer: Unique Style Racing


• All Turn Signal Light using a Bulb Size S25 BAU15S Base PY21W, also known as 7507


• Built Specifically for the Turn Signal Light Function to provide maximum visibility, 2000 Lumen, no one comes close!

• LED reacts much faster than your stock incandescent bulb, small but smart improved safety feature

• x14 Built In High Powered LED Nodes per Bulb to provide maximum output.

• 3 huge SMD LED per 90 degree side, with 4 sides all covered plug 2 of the same huge SMD LED on the top of the bulb to shoot straight out to provide maximum brightness.

• Unlike other brand that requires additional outside wiring resistor that is a hassle to install, splice wire, and ugly looking. USR has the built In CANBUS module inside the bulb to ensure the LED Upgrade provides a True ERROR FREE and NO Hyper Flash!!!


• 2 Piece Set (1 Pair) - Unique Style Racing (USR)


•Brand New - 100% Never Been Used.


• Due to brightness which generates heat, please ensure to NOT utilize bulbs for features OTHER THAN turn signal blinking function.