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2003-2009 Nissan 350Z Z33 Facelift Style JDM Black DEPO D2S Bi-Xenon LED Projector Headlight


Billable Weight: 58.0 lb

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Product type: Lighting

Manufacturer: DEPO


• 2003-2009 Nissan 350Z Z33 With Factory Xenon Models Only


• True 06-09 Facelift Style with Bi-Xenon Projector Lens.

• JDM Style Black Housing Projector lens with Bi-Xenon Shutter Built-In - Excellent for increased visibility.

• D2S Sized bulbs used for Low/High Beam (Bulbs and Ballasts are NOT included, please re-use factory bulbs and ballasts which is a direct transfer from stock headlight to the new ones).

• x4 Built-In LED nodes for parking light will light up AMBER LED, same as the factory ones. T10 Wedge bulb slot is located next to the projector lens. Parking Signal Light uses 3157 size bulbs (bulbs are not included).

• SAE / DOT Approved.


• 2 Piece Set (Left + Right) - Made by DEPO (ISO 2001 Certified Company - Excellent Quality!)


• Brand New - 100% Never Been Used.


• No Bulbs are included from Manufacturer - Headlights uses D2S (High/Low Beam) / 3157 (Signal) / Built-in 4 Amber LEDs (Parking Light) / T10 Wedge Bulb.

• This headlight does NOT fit on with Factory Halogen Models!

• For 2003-2005 Pre-Facelift models, please be sure to GROUND your ballast. The original stock ballast MUST be mounted securely & correctly to avoid moisture build up inside the lens. It is recommend you change the rubber or grommets around the stock ballasts as they by now most likely are wore, so it's weak to protect the light from condensation built-up. Condensation built-up usually occurs due to those wore out components, not due to bad sealant on the new headlight. It is recommended by manufacturer please do not get into car wash within 2 weeks after install to allow the sealant of the new headlight to adjust and settle to the new environment.

• We strongly recommend that you change the new OEM seal gasket rings (OEM Part # 26033-CD010 and you need one ring per headlight side) on your headlights when replacing with the new DEPO headlights. Your stock seal gaskets most likely have worn out over time and are no longer able to sufficiently prevent moisture/condensation as it is designed to. The OEM seal gasket is rather inexpensive (around $7.00 apiece) and is crucial to ensuring that our new DEPO brand headlights will avoid water leak and condensation issues. Condensation is not covered under manufacturer (view image 7 in gallery for illustration).

Make Model Engine Years
NISSAN 350Z 2 DOOR COUPE 2003-2009

Q: Is this item plug and play?

• No these headlights are not plug and play. It requires your stock OEM D2S Bulb, Ignitor, and Ballast to complete the Low Beam installation. You will also need to secure a pair of "3157" sized Amber bulbs for the new headlight's signal lights.

Q: Do I need anything else besides worrying about the bulbs?

• Yes, you will also need to replace your OEM Ballast rubber gasket as you should not be re-using your worn stock ones on the new headlights. If you need more information regarding this, please message us so we may clarify.

Q: Do you offer bulbs and ballasts for this product?

• No, we do not offer nor do we include bulbs and ballasts with this product and you will have to re-use your OEM bulbs to complete installation.

Q: I have Factory Halogen model, will this light still work?

• Please message us directly regarding this so we may provide information regarding these criteria.

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