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Anti Flicker LED Turn Signal & Reverse Light Bulbs By Eric Ellis - @57HotrodVW

While LED turn signal and reverse replacement bulbs are fairly common these days, most require tapping into factory wiring in order to add a resistor to prevent a condition that is often called “hyper flashing”. Hyper flashing is related to a built-in vehicle control which monitors the electrical load consumed by factory light bulbs (of a known/set amount). 

Unique Style Racing has eliminated the need for external resistors, by building CANbus modules into the light housings. As a result, the installation of the bulbs is a simple plug-and-play operation, which is free of error codes or hyper flashing.

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2000 Lumen CANbus Error Free Amber LED Turn Signal Light Bulbs – Size T20 7440

950 Lumen CANbus Error Free White LED Reverse Light Bulbs – Size T15 Base 921

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