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2007-2018 Jeep Wrangler JK Full LED Switchback Halo DRL SAE/DOT Black Projector Headlight


Billable Weight: 8.0 lb

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Product type: Lighting

Manufacturer: DEPO


• 2007-2018 Jeep Wrangler JK / JKU Chassis


• Black Housing.

• Equipped with Switchback Full LED Angel Eye Halo Rings feature.

• Tri-Projector for maximum output and projection.

• x2 DOT/SAE approved Full LED 7" Round Headlights that has LED Low Beam, LED High Beam, White LED Halo Rings and if you tap it to signal light, you can have Amber LED Halo Rings switchback for your turn signal feature. This set can be used to replace vehicles that originally used H6024 Sealed Beam as their headlight, but the depth of the light front the front lens to rear housing is approximately 3 1/2", so be sure to check your car has room behind the headlight for this clearance.

• You will find two positive wires on the back which are Red and Green. Red is the positive wire for the WHITE LED Angel Eye Halo Rings which if you tap it to DRL (daytime running light), then the White Halo becomes your DRL. If you tap it to your parking light, then it turns on when you turn on your parking. While Green wire is for the Amber LED Halo Rings which the installer should tap it to your front turn signal light. If both wires are tapped, you will find it has switchback function which allows White Halo when the signal is not engaged and Amber Halo blinks when signal is engaged, but not both lit at the same time. Please note that the manufacturer did not supply extra wires for the angel eye halo rings.

• H4 to H13 Plug & Play wiring adapters are included for vehicles that has H13 factory connector like Jeep JK. If you just have normal H6024 3 prong connector, then it's simple plug and play to the H4 connector from the back of the new LED headlight.


• 2 Piece Set (Left + Right) - Made by Unique Style Racing, Excellent Quality!


• Brand New - 100% Never Been Used.

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