Unique Style Racing

2007-2008 Acura TL Base Model Carbon Fiber OR Red Decal Front and Rear Emblem Badge - Grill / Trunk / Steering Wheel


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Product type: Exterior Accessories

Manufacturer: Unique Style Racing


• 2007-2008 Acura TL Base Model Only!


• Please note that the Front Grill piece only works on Base model, it does not work on Type-S!

• Please note that the Steering Wheel Decal is for 2007-2008 TL only, it does NOT fit on 2004-2006 TL! And Hood Grill Decal has to be applied with the acrylic fillers or it will not work.

• For the front grille, it has 3-dimensional design, therefore, it is left with hollow between the emblem / badge. That is why the 3 pieces of acrylic inserts (fillers) are included to exactly fill in the hollow holes so the outer decal sits fit on it.

• This is not cheap vinyl sticker that are sold by others, this is made by highest quality with Anti-UV protective epoxy top coat.

• Choose either Real Black Carbon Fiber OR Solid RED. Real Carbon Fibre is Made of genuine 3D (3-Dimentional pattern) Carbon Fiber, not cheap fake print pattern kind.

• Each inserts with 3M self-adhesive backing, peel and stick, super easy installation Before Sticking, completely clean off the wax and dust on a sticker surface.


• Front Grill Decals = 4 pieces / Front Grill Fillers = 3 pieces / Rear Trunk Decals = 4 pieces / Steering Wheel Decals = 4 pieces.


• Brand New - 100% Never Been Used.


• These are not OEM parts, this does not include any emblems / badges. These are inserts that goes in between the stock emblem / badge, fill in the gap section. This does not include any parts such as grill assembly or trunk except the badge decal inserts.

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